How I Found Surrender…

How I Found Surrender.

Four years ago I sat at the foot of my bed, chest hunched over my knees, crying countless tears, frustrated, angry, and completely lost. I was no longer happy in my job. My frustrations were growing bigger and bigger and my hope for any change in the situation was at an end. I no longer knew what to do, my heart felt broken and in that moment, I felt my spirit was broken. I was sobbing, praying and surrendering. I remember gasping through my tears, asking for help. “Please show me how to be happy again. If I am meant to stay at this job then please show me how to be happy there, but if I am meant to move on then please show me where to go”. “ I want to be of service with a happy heart… oh please help me… Please help me, oh god please help me…” Then, suddenly my entire body relaxed and I felt calmness wash over me.

I still remember the heart wrenching pain of it all. The accumulation of time that brought me to be so overcome with tears and willingness to finally surrender and ask for help.

My surrendering and asking for change was my first step to career transformation. Soon after I began to see great opportunitiesopen up with interests that I suddenly wanted to pursue.

Weeks after my breakthrough, an opportunity to attend a Yoga Teacher Training with Carrie Hensley was presented to me. The days and times of the 200-hour pursuit would work perfectly with my work schedule. It was a big financial investment for me at the time. Shortly after I had made the decision to put my deposit down, the rest of the money quickly appeared. Everything was flowing and it was a clear indication to me that this was the right thing to do.

After finishing teacher training I began to pursue more of my interest in Aromatherapy. I had begun dabbling in it during my YTT days when I found my body was sore and tired from doing so much of the physical practice. The oils helped to soothe my muscles and at times my spirit. I had a strong desire to learn more. I was sold after my first intro class taught by April Jaeger and went on to pursue my certification at the South West Institute of Healing Arts. Yet another example of my spirit guiding me towards my interests.

six months later yet another interest was revealed to me after I had the opportunity to experience hypnotherapy. After just the first session I became witness to just how well it worked. My world was being rocked and I was completely fascinated by how much of a difference it made in my attitude, my life, and myself. After I had done my own healing I knew that I wanted to bring these tools and techniques to others. So yet again I found myself in the classroom pursuing a certification that would help me serve countless others along their path.

One year after I received my certification in Hypnotherapy and 2 years after getting my certifications in Yoga Teacher Training and Aromatherapy I had made the decision to leave my job. I had retained enough clients through my Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Hypnotherapy practice that I could take that leap and begin to trust.

People ask me all the time how did you do it? How did you get the courage to take that leap? My first step was completely surrendering the mind, heart, and spirit and asking for the guidance and the help.
Look for my next post on my second step as I began listening for the answers.

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