Custom Aromatherapy Angel Blends

Let the Angels create your own custom one of a kind aromatherapy blend to help you create your life’s intentions and purpose. Through a meditation process I will channel the Angels Love and wisdom to create the most complete and sacred blend that is needed for you at this time. See the information below for more information or to choose your Sacred Package.

What is a Custom Aromatherapy Angel Blend?

We all have our  own personal goals & intentions, or maybe you have set some words, mantras, or affirmations that you are presently working on. Whatever you are moving towards the angels and myself are here to help.  We would like to add another tool to guide you along your path.  I will create sacred time and space to meet with the angels regarding your own personal intentions and with those intentions the Angels lovingly guide me to the essential oils and essences that will help you along your path. This sacred Alchemy Blend is so special as it is purely guided by the angels. No two blends are ever the same.  It is truly made specifically for you and your intentions. Each package comes with a 5ml Sacred Alchemy roll on blend made from pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  This roll on blend is specific to your intentions, goals, words, or mantras and is a wonderful gift to yourself to help you stay in that heart space of creating the path that you wish to be on. Scroll down to see the package options and prices below.

About essential oils and how they can help in your life purpose.

Essential oils can be very powerful tools to work with during times of meditation, manifesting dreams, life transitions, or to use as daily support and motivation.  Essential oils  awaken the senses of love, joy, hope, laughter, and happiness to the surface… all vital emotions to help you stay on track to creating your life purpose. They also work in areas of helping people feel more confident, connected, strong, and motivated. Essential oils are so powerful that with the right blend they can help anchor your dreams and intentions into reality.  Then when adding the guidance of the Angels to choose your formula… It doesn’t get more perfect!

Please note, all packages take 3-7 days to process.

Sacred Package 1:

I take one of your intentions that you are presently working on and I meet with the angels, channeling their love and wisdom to find the perfect blend for you and your intentions/ goals/ words/ mantras/ or affirmations at this time. With their guidance the Sacred Alchemy is developed into a 5ml roll on oil for you to use on your pulse points, chakras, or simply as an inhalant through your day.

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Sacred Alchemy Questionare

$25 plus shipping

Sacred Alchemy option 1

Sacred Package 2

You get everything from package 1 plus a complete description of each of the oils  and or essence that was placed into your sacred Alchemy blend and how those oils can help you along your path. The description will include the meaning and spirit behind the oil, the energy that the oil holds and how it can help you connect deeper to your goals/ intentions/ words/ or mantras. It will also include a brief description of which chakras the individual oil connects with and why.  This package gives you deeper understanding of why the angels chose these oils to complete your Sacred Alchemy blend.

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Sacred Alchemy Questionare

$40 plus shipping

Sacred Alchemy option 2