Lisa’s Aromatherapy Blends Available For Purchase

Take your time as you look through the Aromatherapy Blends available to you. Please have all orders in by November 26th. Any purchases you make will be available for pick up through Heather by December 21st.  There will be no shipments you must be available for pick up. An email will be sent once all orders are ready to be picked up.

Coconut Body Cream, this luxurious blend of coconut oil, Aloe, Vitamin E, castor oil, beeswax and essential oils will make your skin feel like new again. Comes in a soft lemony citrus or an awakening peppermint scent.

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Sea Salt Body Scrub, with a combination of sunflower oil, vitamin E and essential oils this scrub will gently exfoliate leaving your skin soft and smooth. Comes in a variety of scents to tantalize your senses: Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus & Lemongrass, Chai Spice.

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Salt Bath, Baths should be a place you can sink in and let go.  These salt bath blends are infused with sea salt, Epsom Salt, Safflower oil, and blend of essential oils to help calm the central nervous system and relax the muscles. Comes in a variety of choices: Muscle ease (specific for tired or over worked muscles), Immune Booster (great for cold and flu season to give yourself an extra boost) Lavender and Chamomile (Because nothing relaxes the mind better then the combination of these two) Eucalyptus and Lemongrass (a combination punch that relaxes soar tired muscles and helps open the nasal passages when feeling congested).

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Therapeutic Blends, Come in a 1 oz oil or salve. Some people feel they can’t live without them.  Definitely a must have in my self care kit. These blends are meant for specific problem areas of the body.  Simply rub the blend on the areas that are tired or sore and then let it work it’s magic. Muscle Ease (when muscles are feeling tired or inflamed this blend works like magic)Immune Booster (use around the neck and ears at the first sign of a cold) Join Tendon and Sciatic Ease (works for any one of these or a combination of all of them a special blend of essential oils that heats the area causing circulation and healing)  Muscle Recovery (place on large muscles after a hard workout for a faster recovery).

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Room Or Linen Sprays, Comes in a 2 oz spray bottle. Great way to freshen things up around the house, bedrooms or the office. It just takes a few pumps of the spray to make a difference. See the descriptions of blends below.

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Roll on Blends, Comes in a 5ml bottle and are great for small areas of the body such as pulse points, along the neck, or behind the ears. Used much like a roll on perfume without the overwhelming potency or synthetics. Each blend has a Sun Coco oil base and you get to choose the aroma that fits best with your style and needs. See the Description of blends below.

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Description of Blends available for Room Sprays and Roll on’s

Lemon Lime: Citrus combination creates a light and and happy space.

Eucalyptus & Lemon: Clears, cleanses and purifies the space. Cuts negativity.

Frankincense and Pine: Two spiritually sacred oils combined together that invokes protection, resolution, inspiration and upliftment.

Harmony & Balance: This array of exotic oils like lotus, lilac and Australian sandalwood make a sweet and earthy blend that is sure to bring harmony and balance.

Warm Winter Solstice: The perfect blend of spices with a hint of citrus.

Winter Solstice: The fresh and sweet smell of pines will bring happiness to your heart.

New Beginnings: Looking to make some changes? This blend helps anchor in the courage and trust to move forward.

Winters Wish: Make your wish with this light fresh scent kissed by holidays best aromas. (Spearmint, Allspice, Anise)

Winter Groves: With this blend all you have to do is close your eyes and imagine yourself on a mountain top. Your senses will be invoked by fresh crisp mountain air.

Chai spice: Do you love the rich spicy smells of chai tea? If so you will love this amazing blend. Perfect for warming the heart and the soul during the cold winter months. (cardamom, clove bud, cinnamon, oak)

Perfect Peace: If peace had a smell it would be this blend. The essential oils chosen create a mixture of whole hearted love and expansion. You can feel the energy completely change the space when this aroma is near by. A beautiful gift for anyone special in your life. Light pine scent anchored by earthy woody and spicy aromas such as sandalwood, nutmeg, and pine

Savasana: The perfect blend for anyone who meditates. It works from root to crown and anchors in ones intentions. Light citrus with the grounding effects of a woody base.

So hum: The yogic mantra “so hum” is a reflection of the sound of the breath. But also carries a contemplative meaning: “I am that” (so = “I am” and hum = “that”). A powerful reminder of our souls true essence. (Essential oils Jasmine and Vetiver)

Calm & Confident: A perfect blend of oils that work energetically to bring out the the super powers in all of us. Creating a beautiful balance of calm and confidence. combination sweet and citrus essential oils, Orange, neroli, frankincense and spice.