Aromatherapy and Clove Bud invoking the energy to move forward.


How using Clove Bud as an aromatherapy tool can help you move forward in this New Year…

As we begin our New Year I thought it would be wise to choose a fragrance that invokes the energy of moving forward. Something that would prepare and encourage us to build a strong foundation for the year ahead. Helping us to ground into our intentions and truly claiming them as our own. The warm aroma of Clove Bud will help us do just that.

Clove Bud is all about moving forward, making things happen, taking action and achieving!  As we begin our New Year no doubt that many of us already have intentions, goals, resolutions that we have made or thought about. Let the warmth of Clove summon your spirit this month with encouragement, strength, and confidence. Anchoring in your intentions for growth

Emotional and Energetic Properties: Encourages inspiration, confidence, strength to move forward, trust, action, stimulation, inner warmth for the soul.

Healing Properties Of Clove Bud: Antiseptic, stimulant, analgesic, antispasmodic, carminative.

You can use Clove Bud in a variety of ways this month. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Use the essential oil of Clove Bud in a room diffuser.  If you don’t own a diffuser you can always add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton swab and place them around the room. (please keep out of direct contact of pets and children).
  2. Make a pomande by sticking cloves into oranges, limes, lemons  or apples.  Place them in your kitchen or in bathrooms to invoke it’s powerful energy.
  3. Create a simmering stovetop potpourri, in pot of water add cloves, cinnamon, oranges (or other citrus of your choosing) and let it simmer on the stove.  The steam will fill your room with beautiful aromas.
  4. Next time you make up some hot apple cider think about adding cloves to the recipe.
  5. Do you enjoy chai tea?  Chai uses clove as one of it’s ingredients. Next time you drink your cup of chai take a moment to reflect upon the strength, encouragement, inspiration, and confidence that the clove is gifting to you. Drink up!

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