Below are other spiritual resources and guides that I find valuable and frequently share with others.

Planet SARK
One women on a mission to make the world a better place. Be inspired by the work that SARK is doing. Check out her website for a listing of her current workshops and her fantastic books.

Music and inspiration by Karen Drucker
Karen is an amazing artist, musician, song writer and peace maker. Visit her website to learn more about upcoming workshops, retreats and concerts. Karen you are a blessing to the world.
This web site is designed to enlighten the souls of the millions of light workers and healers here on earth school who are determined to teach and mentor their abilities of the Life Purpose in which they chose to fulfill here on Earth.
We teach from the heart offering a space for each student to experience ‘YOGA’…in a safe and nurturing environment for beginners and advanced students alike.
Here you can take in the joyful music and learn more about David’s art and message. Through Kirtan Chanting, Sacred Song, and Devotional Yoga, David’s mission is to touch and open hearts and to empower others on their path. Simply put…to spread the Love
Dr. Valeria is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Chandler, Arizona. She is a Registered Dietitian, a homeopath and predominantly uses homeopathy, nutrition, Scenar and botanical medicine in her practice. Her style is warm and cheerful and her focus is on you, the patient.
Carrie is the owner and teacher of the online yoga studio Sacred Sangha. You can get your yoga anytime with one of the best teachers around and have access to some amazing online classes that Carrie offers through out the year.  In addition check out the REWIND Yoga Teacher Training Program for seniors that Carrie also teaches.