Testimonials on Lisa:

Ahhh,   from a first moment with Lisa you feel safe and supported.   As you go further into a treatment or class with her the space becomes magical, filled with acceptance, humility and pure Truth.   The gift of Lisa means you are about to be transported in YOUR reality,  not the external world’s idea of who you are,  but the TRUE SPIRIT of who you are.    Whether she heals your inner child,  releases subtle energies/blockages or just holds the space for you ….that moment transforms your Path forever.   She creates an experience that clears/frees oneself to move forward with confidence, clarity and TRUTH.

H.J -Gilbert AZ

The neti solution Lisa made just for me is Amazing. I LOVE IT!! The combination of essential oils were exactly what I needed for my horrible allergy symptoms. This year has been especially bad and until I started the solution I  was, quite simply, MISERABLE.  Thank you so much. It totally opens me up, and keeps me from getting so clogged. I normally battle daily with nasty sinus pressure causing bad headaches. Those have been totally GONE!! You saved me and I so appreciate it.

A.P – Tempe AZ

The gift of Lisa’s Reiki sessions made me feel cared for, loved and completely centered … She holds the space of sacred energy in a professional and caring manner. Always keeping my comfort in mind, Lisa was able to help me release some long-held emotions which I did not know I was continuing to store in my chakras; and she was happy to discuss the experience after my session was complete. She offered specific tools and advice to help me continue my healing journey on my own. Lisa’s work comes highly recommended to anyone I know.

O.K -Tempe AZ

I really enjoyed my Reiki Session with Lisa. I felt completely relaxed following the session, and finally experienced a full night of sleep after years of waking up through out the evening.

J.W -Mesa AZ

My daughter, my sister and myself love Lisa Hecke’s Reike sessions!! The sessions are so healing physically and spiritually. It’s the best “treat” I give to myself and my daughter. On the way home from one of my daughters sessions with Lisa she summed up her experience like this “1-2-3 the magic’s on me.” Lisa your the BEST!!!

K.W -Gilbert AZ