Need A Little Courage?

Courage seems to be a common theme lately in many lives and the fear of moving forward can hold many of us back. This is a year of transition and the shedding of old energies, thoughts, or belief systems that no longer serve ones spirit.  A new energy is beginning to emerge and new possibilities are calling to our individual spirit.  However sometimes with transition we still find that we may have fear to overcome, doubt, maybe even grief of letting something go. Do you experience such feelings?  Do you ever wish that just like the lion in the Wizard of OZ that you could find the courage by visiting the “GREAT WIZARD?”

Well, you can!! Here is a little secret, the act of courage is always within you and available to you. Sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to find it.  But it is there and it’s waiting for you, to believe in… YOU!  Are  you ready?

If so we can make it easier.  Essential oils are a wonderful way to work with the emotions in ones body and any long held belief systems from our sub conscious.

For todays topic of COURAGE I would recommend the use of Cedarwood essential oil.

Cedarwood has a lot of wonderful attributes, one of my favorite things to use cedarwood for is courage. Cedarwood has a lovely sweet wood tone to it.  When used as an essential oil it helps to ground us and connect us to earthly forces.  It also restores a sense of spiritual certainty and strengthens the connection with the divine. Cedarwood encourages strength, focus, balance persistence, and confidence. Cedarwood helps us remove hidden fears.  All common themes to finding our courage. Wouldn’t you say?

Try mixing cedarwood with other essential oils. For a well balanced blend try one of the following in combination with the cedarwood.  Roman chamomile,  clary sage, cypress, geranium, lavender, rosemary, orange, or frankincense.

Be sure to always mix your essential oils with a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil, olive oil, jojoba, or sunflower oil. Always use essential oils for external use only. Not recommended if you are pregnant and can cause skin irritation on some individuals.

Are you ready to tap into your inner lion? Your space of courage? Cedarwood helps us to remove our hidden fears. So what have you been holding yourself back from?  Try working with cedarwood and see what happens. Enjoy the process, enjoy LIFE!!

Awakening Room Spray

Article as published on Arizona Yoga Community

Awakening Room Spray 

Ahhhh, I just love a room that smells good.  It wakes up the senses, can help to change the mood and energy of a room, and when using the appropriate oils can even help to clean the air of  bacteria.  My favorites tend to change with the seasons, however one that I love all year round and makes me feel all giddy and happy inside is this sweet citrus spray.  Give it a try and let the giggles fill your space 🙂

What you will need:
2oz glass spray bottle
Lime essential oil
Lemon essential oil
2oz of bottled water


In the 2oz bottle take your lime essential oils and add 8 drops of lime to the bottle and 18 drops of lemon essential oil. Place the spray cap on the bottle and shake lightly for 3-5 minutes.  It’s ok to put the bottle down and then come back and shake a little more.  Allow the merging or the 2 essential oils to begin to connect. After 5 minutes add purified water to the bottle. Be careful not to overfill and be sure to leave room to add your spray cap back in. You don’t want to loose all those drops by overfilling… trust me it’s been done 🙂  once water has been added replace spray cap and shake lightly.  Leave as is  for 24 hours.  After a full day take a  glass measuring cup with a spout and place a coffee filter over the top. Holding the filter around the measuring cup pour the blend that you made the previous day over the filter and let it drain into the measuring cup.  This will help filter out the harshness of the oils if it touches the skin and leave the fresh scents and essential properties of the oil in.  Once you have filtered the blend then you can pour it back into your spray bottle and you are ready to invigorate your mind, body, and home, office, or whatever space you desire. Enjoy!

Benefits of this blend:

Lime is wonderful for awakening and inspiring.  It is typically an oil that enhances ones mood and helps them feel happy.  This oil is great to use around people who might be going through depression.  Lime essential oil is also one that speaks to the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra.  Great oil to use as an air purifier.

Lemon is an oil that is great for centering, it also helps to clear emotional confusion and energizes the space. This is also an oil that helps facilitate letting go. Lemon is also known for cleansing and uplifting.

This blend  when combined makes a wonderful spray for meditation,  inspiration, awakening, creates joy and happiness.

The Little Olympian

Practicing my strong swimmer kicks.

The Little Olympian

When I was a young child I remember wanting to be an Olympic swimmer. The thought of dedicating myself to something I loved was more than enough motivation for me, and I had no reason to believe that I couldn’t do it. Those kinds of thoughts had not yet made it into my consciousness. The innocence of my youth during that time had me believing anything was possible. I remember spending my days in our neighborhood pool under the hot Arizona heat, begging anyone who was around to race me from one end to the other of what seemed like an Olympic sized pool to me at the time. A perfect training ground for any Olympic hopeful of course. Feeling the adrenaline rush as I raced each individual from varying ages and strength. I would tell whoever would listen that I wanted to be an Olympic swimmer. Many would just nod their heads and smile. Some would encourage me, asking to show them how fast I was. I would graciously accommodate as they would begin their one, one hundred… two one hundred… three one hundred counts. I could continue this game all day long , as I tried beating my previous time with each lap. I am sure my parents appreciated it as I often remember passing out at night on the living room floor and then somehow magically appearing in my bed the next morning. Ready to do it all over again. My parents lovingly called me their “little fish”, as it was difficult to get me out of the water from sun up to sun down that was the only place I wanted to be. I remember a conversation with my dad after racing him across the pool, as I joyfully reached the other end I came up smiling and proclaimed to him “I am going to be an Olympic swimmer some day”. I still remember how his eyes looked into mine and said “Lisa, to do that you would need to get you a coach, you would have to work really hard all the time, and your mother and I wouldn’t get to see you anymore because you would be with your coach and having to practice so much. Is that really what you want?” I remember thinking “Is this happening?” Do I have a choice in this? Why can’t I train right here in my neighborhood “Olympic sized pool” with all the other kids and parents? Is he really asking me what I want? Do I have to choose my parents over swimming in the Olympics? I was confused, I was just a kid with a dream and a belief that I could do anything I set my heart out to do and all I knew was my heart wanted to swim. I didn’t know that I had to work hard and never see my parents again in order to attain my dream. I could feel the fear of not being with my parents creep into my body. That was the end of my calling to become an Olympic swimmer and the belief that I ever could. I just wanted to swim; I didn’t want anyone taking me away from my parents. That was too much for a young child to understand or comprehend. This was also the moment that I decided working hard was something scary. I began associating the phrase “hard work” and “working hard” to mean that I would have to lose something important to pursue it, something like my parents. I took the phrase as a negative connotation instead of something that creates more opportunity. Now this isn’t my father’s fault, he was just simply asking me a question. More than likely, he was digging to see how serious I was. In those days they didn’t have summer swim teams the way they do now. I am not even sure we had a public pool nearby that had any options for anything other than swim classes for kids my age. He was just checking in, and that’s when I allowed my dream to check out.

Looking back I can see how often the phrase stopped me from pursuing things that I wanted for myself, usually they were things that would take physical effort and some proving of myself that I am strong. As I would realize that something would be physically hard, I found myself giving up. I was associating the dream of being the Olympic swimmer as being physically hard work and that hard work would take me away from something I loved. As the years went by it just began to become a fear of working hard all together. Patterns that I would develop clear into my adulthood. That is not to say that I don’t push myself or take care of myself, but I have allowed many moments where I have given up on myself and limited what I can and can’t do based off of fear of losing something in return.

I feel it is interesting insight as I have strong traits of being a hard worker. Most of those came in the form of my education and a career path. But even with that I stayed safe, I went to work, worked hard everyday for everyone around me. But it didn’t fulfill me, it wasn’t my calling and yet I remained there for 14 years. Because it paid my bills and I felt secure in the knowing that nothing needed to be sacrificed that I wouldn’t “lose anything.” But that wasn’t entirely true. As I succeeded more in my career I began to lose myself, my joy, my happiness, my time. I even began to lose faith in who I was. As I realized change needed to happen I began to lay a new foundation for my life. I was guided to start my own business with something that would be more aligned with my gifts and talents. But wait… Stop everything!!!! I began to hear the familiar old voices… “This will be hard work”… “This is too scary”…”You could lose everything”… “Are you CRAZY”? They were the same voices I heard when I decided as a teenager that the 2 week Outward Bound backpacking trip in Colorado would be “too difficult”. It was the same voice that said joining the Peace Corps after graduating college would be too “risky” and meant I would have to leave everyone I loved. The voice that I heard time and again that would stop me in my tracks, as I allowed myself to believe it. Lucky for me, I began to create a relationship with myself that helped me recognize that that those old tapes were not part of my truth. I knew that I was stronger than that. I began to ask for guidance, wisdom, and proof from the universe. And as I asked, the universe provided. I was gaining more clients, I was adding more workshops, I was guided to start web classes and branch out with more retreats. The universe was providing and proving to me that I can do it on my own. My courage and faith was building, until finally, late last year I was able step away from my old beliefs and into what is true. Working for myself has transformed me. I have to believe in myself in order to succeed, I have to know that I can do it and I will be taken care of. I had to become the little Olympian once again with her unwavering belief that swimming across that 25ft pool would make her into anything she wanted to be. I see now how limited my thinking once was. That day in the pool I lost the magic of believing in myself and made a decision that hard work meant sacrifice… when really what it means is opportunity.

One of the few moments you would catch me outside of the pool.

This new understanding has lead me into a new paradigm in my life. Earlier this year I decided to take on a new outlook, a new mantra of “I am limitless”. No longer allowing the limits of myself or others to enter into my own consciousness. Not allowing something that might be “hard” to stop me. When I see the old way creeping in every once in a while, I flip the thought to, “yes I can!” I don’t want my thoughts to limit my actions. After all, what do I have to lose in trying? The truth is nothing. But what I have to gain is everything. The little Olympian in me is alive once more. No longer afraid, she has been waiting for her day and is celebrating this new freedom of believing once again that anything is possible. I see her in my vision doing her happy dance, her victory lap. The little Olympian, she is ready to scream it from the roof tops and share it with anyone who is ready to receive the golden nuggets of living life limitlessly!

Thank you for stopping by, this is a first in a new series of  “I believe in the limitless me.” Check back for updates and stories that might surprise and inspire you to live limitlessly.

Your time to share:
What stops you from doing the things that you want in life? Where are you limiting yourself? Won’t you share with me?

New moon energy and how you can use it to help manifest your desires

New Moon energy and how you can use it to help manifest your desires.  I love new moon energy because it reminds me to begin to plant my seeds of intention for that month.  I watch these intention grow just as the moon grows each evening.  It connects me on a deeper level of not only what I am manifesting in my life,  but it also anchors my intentions on a more mindful level.  As I watch the moon grow ever more brighter and expansive each night I see and feel that my dreams, wishes, hopes, desires, and intentions grow as well.  Celebrating the movement and motion in the right direction for me at that time. Then as the moon approaches the full moon status I feel my intentions shining brighter and more beautiful then ever. I allow the full moons light to shower over me as I receive the fullest expression of my intentions move through me.

The new moon this evening is in Taurus along with an eclipse. Taurus is about acquiring, feeding and growing. Tonights new moon plus the solar eclipse in Taurus opens the gates for a new beginning. Think about what new gateway you wish to walk through and begin imagining yourself there.  Taurus also has a high vibration in the area of money. Choose your thoughts wisely this month.  If you think in lack you will receive lack.  If you think in wealth, abundance and flow you will receive wealth, abundance and flow.

Here are a few things that you can do to help you prepare for the full moon energy tonight and to use as you watch the moon and your intentions grow stronger, brighter, and more full.

  1. give yourself time to meditate today. Ask yourself what would be for the highest good for you at this time to bring focus and intention to during this new moon phase.  It might come in the way of a feeling, words, or a thought.  It’s OK if the answer doesn’t appear to you right away. Trust that it will
  2. Once you receive that information write it down.
  3. Create affirmations for yourself regarding your intentions. Take these affirmations with you into your daily life. Affirmations focus attention on the positive outcome of a situation, and are structured to affirm that the positive outcome is already a reality. For example a person who feels loneliness in life may use an affirmation such as ” I am worthy and I have   fulfilling and loving relationships in my life.”
  4. Plant those words into the moon. In other words go outside look up at the moon, connect to it’s energy and plant your intentions and your affirmations there.
  5. Every night walk outside and look up to the moon. Thank it for it’s beauty, thank it for shining your intentions with the universe. Repeat your intentions and or your affirmations.  See what comes up as you connect for a moment with the moons energy and your intentions.
  6. As the moon grows allow our energy to grow as well. Feel the excitement, joy, gratitude of your intentions becoming more powerful and stronger.
  7. Full moon celebration. Find a way to celebrate the full moon and the growth of your intentions.  A few examples might be to have dinner outside that evening.  Sit with loved ones. Take a walk around your neighborhood or a local park at dusk and watch the full moon begin to peak out. I love kayaking or boating under the full moon.  If that calls to you and you have a boat do that! The options are endless.  Your create it!

Some great stones or crystals you can use this month to go along with the taurus energy would be:

Emerald: I san all purpose healing stone. Wonderful stone to use for meditation and dream work. Helps to deepen spirituality and consciousness.

Carnilian “Creates balance between mental focus and creative inspiration, allowing your vision to be actualized.”

Essential oils that would be good to use during this moon phase:  Earthy tones such as vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood, pine, and sandalwood. Oils that bring about abundances such as frankincense neroli, and sweet orange.

*** oil safety***

Please remember, essential oils should be for external use only. Do not use if you have any allergies to the oil. It is recommended that you do not use essential oils if pregnant or for those who may have epilepsy.  Please keep out of reach of children and pets. Always remember to use a carrier oil when applying essential oils to the skin.  Carrier oils might include olive oil, salflower, sunflower, or almond oil.

Candle Gazing Meditation And Spray.

Candle Gazing is a wonderful meditation for those who have been practicing for a while as well as those who are new to meditating.

1) To prepare, you will want to place a candle arms distance away and if possible at eye level. If you are sitting on the floor perhaps you can use a chair or a small table. Turn off any lights and draw the curtains, this will help to calm the central nervous system and prepare you for your meditation. Try and make sure that you place the candle in a location where the flam can remain steady and not flicker. Light your candle and find a soft seated position on the floor preferably with legs crossed or sitting in heros pose (on the knees).

2) With eyes softly gazing at the candle light begin to check in with the body notice if you are holding tension in the eyes, face, jaw, or throat. Allow yourself to begin to relax. Now check into the shoulders, back, arms and hips. Once again allow yourself to relax the muscles. Finally begin to focus on the legs and feet, move out any existing tension.

3) Now take in three deep inhales and softly exhaling them out through the mouth. Begin to allow the breath to come in and out naturally or if you prefer to use ujai breath (inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the nose, long slow deep breaths) What ever you choose do not force the breath.

4) Begin to look deeply into the candle flame. Do not cross the eyes or lose focus (you will know that this has happened if you see multiple images). Try to watch the flame without blinking. If tears begin to form then gently blink and know that you are simply cleansing and purifying the eyes. Continue to gaze at the candle light and notice that it has several rings of different colors. Hold your gaze on them for about a minute.

5) Now gently close your eyes. Relax your eye muscles and visualize the flame you have been looking at. See it with your minds eye. Draw the image as a mental picture at your third eye. Continue to hold that image for as long as possible. When you can no longer hold the image with your eyes closed open your eyes to a soft gaze.

6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 slowly increasing the time with your eyes closed each round. Working with keeping the vision of that flame in your minds eye.

Continue this meditation to help still and calm the mind. Be sure to remember to blow your candle out when you are done.

Looking for a good meditation spray to help clear your space and create a more intimate space for your meditation practice?

Try this formula blend:
What your will need:
2oz spray bottle
Lavender essential oil
Cedar wood essential oil
purified water
glass measuring cup preferably with a pouring spout.
one coffee filter.

In a 2oz spray bottle add 10 drops of lavender and 4 drops of cedar wood.
Gently shake so that the two oils begin to merge together.
Cover with the spray top and let sit for 5-10 minutes.
Add water, NOTE** be sure to leave room at the top to make sure your spray top can go back in without spilling your essential oils out.
Tighten the spray cap onto the bottle and gently shake.
Let sit for 24 hours.
After 24 hours place the coffee filter over the top of your glass measuring cup.
Pour water and essential oil blend over the coffee filter and into the glass measuring cup.
This creates a filter so that the essential oils are not to strong if they hit the skin directly as well as to protect floors and furniture.
Pour the filtered blend into the spray bottle add spray cap and enjoy.

Surrendering to an open heart through the gifts of lavender

A few years ago when I was studying to be an Aromatherapist at the South West Institute Of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona I became intrigued by the distillation process of essential oils and wanted to know if Arizona had anyone who was involved in this process of oils (This is the process of which the flowers, herbs, and other natural forms are made into the pureness of the oil). Upon further investigation (which basically means I asked my instructor :)) I found out that there is only one place in Arizona that does distill to make pure essential oil. It is a lavender farm located in Concho, Arizona called Red Rock Lavender Farm and they open their doors to the public only one time per year. I knew of this area as I had previously hosted a women’s retreat only a few miles from where the farm was located. It’s a beautiful home with beautiful views of the painted desert. It makes for the perfect place to find the peace, stillness and silence with in. The only sounds are those of the birds near by and the rabbits that occasionally come and sit with you to visit. The home opens you up to the gorgeous and vast sky, a perfect place to watch the sunsets and never ending galaxy of stars that light up the night sky. For me it was an absolute must, to take myself, and my friend Heather who run’s retreats with me back up to this space and to explore the lavender farm to see if we could host another women’s retreat. As we pulled up to the home we both once again felt that ease and peacefulness of the space move through us. Happy to be here once again we set up some chairs and sat on the porch marveling at the vast beautiful land before us. Excited to find the stillness and silence once again.

The next day we packed up our lunches and headed to the lavender festival. Rolling down our windows as we approached we could feel the soft breeze carrying the fragrance of the lavender straight into our car, smiles bloomed on both of our faces. Simple and profound gifts from the universe were sweeping over us. As we entered the farm we decided to first go and listen to a talk on how the farm came to be. A fascinating and brilliant story of a mans journey of taking a few lavender plants and plopping them into the ground… having no idea at the time what gifts his land would cultivate and bring. Next we grabbed some clippers for the chance to pick our own bouquets of lavender. As I watched my friend gather her bundle, mindfully clipping each thread of lavender with love and intention I felt the great sense of how special this memory and this space was. Next we went to watch a demonstration on how to cook with lavender, here is where I would have the best lavender lemonade I have ever experienced and a lavender BROWNIE to accompany it. I was definitely in heaven. Soon we made our way over to a beautiful lawn where lavender fields faced us in all directions. As we sat eating our lunch connecting through conversation we soon found ourselves giggling like little girls without a care in the world, rolling around in belly laughter on the grass. I still do not remember what we were laughing about. All I remember is that our hearts were opening into a vast space of pureness. There were no attachments, no worries,no judgements, no thoughts. Just pure love, pure joy, pure laughter. It was the gift of the lavender, in all of its purity and grace it over came us and we happily surrendered.

Later as I researched more of the energy and therapeutic values of lavender from Author, Valerie Ann Worwood. According to Valerie it is known to embody the warm, protective love of Mother Earth. Lavender is caring, cherishing, and nurturing. With compassion it seeks to bring out the best in every one of us, letting us know that we are all precious children, and we have our destiny of goodness to fulfill.

As an aromatherapist I knew how powerful lavender was for treating many ailments. But from an energetic point the values above resonated with me so deeply. As this was the connection I felt sitting on that lawn with 130 acres of lavender circulating around me. It was an experience to remember.

Because I believe that lavender is one of the most powerful forms of healing I have included several ways that you can use it in your own way and allow it to open you heart into that space of vast love and grace.

  • If you have a lavender plant pick a few stems and place them around your house. Every time you pass by your senses will come alive.
  • By some lavender essential oil. Place 10 drops in a 2 oz spray bottle and use around your home or office.
  • Drink some lavender tea.
  • Meditate with lavender, if you have a lavender plant maybe you take your meditation outside and sit with the plant.  Another option is to use some lavender spray around your meditation area.
  • Take a bath with lavender. Place 10 drops of essential oil into 1 cup of sea salt add 2-3 oz of carrier oil (olive oil, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, almond oil). Please make sure you are not using spike lavender, the proper lavender for skin would be lavendula angustifolia.
  • Come on the Women’s Retreat with us to the lavender farm this summer and surround yourself in the amazing healing powers of this land!
  • Make lavender lemonade YUM! Here is a simple lavender lemonade recipe that I love… mostly because I like simple.
1 cups of water
1/2 cup of dried culinary lavender
2 cups of Ice cubes
Your favorite bottled lemonade or pink lemonade
Mint (optional)
  1. In a large saucepan, add your water and bring to a boil to a boil. Immediately remove from the heat, add the lavender flowers and cover with a lid; steep for about 10 minutes. Strain,  lavender flowers and set aside.
  2. Combine the lemonade with the ice cubes in a large pitcher. Add to the lavender infused water and adjust with more lemonade if needed. Stir to combine and transfer to the refrigerator to chill. Serve over ice with sprigs of fresh lavender or mint.