Candle Gazing Meditation And Spray.

Candle Gazing is a wonderful meditation for those who have been practicing for a while as well as those who are new to meditating.

1) To prepare, you will want to place a candle arms distance away and if possible at eye level. If you are sitting on the floor perhaps you can use a chair or a small table. Turn off any lights and draw the curtains, this will help to calm the central nervous system and prepare you for your meditation. Try and make sure that you place the candle in a location where the flam can remain steady and not flicker. Light your candle and find a soft seated position on the floor preferably with legs crossed or sitting in heros pose (on the knees).

2) With eyes softly gazing at the candle light begin to check in with the body notice if you are holding tension in the eyes, face, jaw, or throat. Allow yourself to begin to relax. Now check into the shoulders, back, arms and hips. Once again allow yourself to relax the muscles. Finally begin to focus on the legs and feet, move out any existing tension.

3) Now take in three deep inhales and softly exhaling them out through the mouth. Begin to allow the breath to come in and out naturally or if you prefer to use ujai breath (inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the nose, long slow deep breaths) What ever you choose do not force the breath.

4) Begin to look deeply into the candle flame. Do not cross the eyes or lose focus (you will know that this has happened if you see multiple images). Try to watch the flame without blinking. If tears begin to form then gently blink and know that you are simply cleansing and purifying the eyes. Continue to gaze at the candle light and notice that it has several rings of different colors. Hold your gaze on them for about a minute.

5) Now gently close your eyes. Relax your eye muscles and visualize the flame you have been looking at. See it with your minds eye. Draw the image as a mental picture at your third eye. Continue to hold that image for as long as possible. When you can no longer hold the image with your eyes closed open your eyes to a soft gaze.

6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 slowly increasing the time with your eyes closed each round. Working with keeping the vision of that flame in your minds eye.

Continue this meditation to help still and calm the mind. Be sure to remember to blow your candle out when you are done.

Looking for a good meditation spray to help clear your space and create a more intimate space for your meditation practice?

Try this formula blend:
What your will need:
2oz spray bottle
Lavender essential oil
Cedar wood essential oil
purified water
glass measuring cup preferably with a pouring spout.
one coffee filter.

In a 2oz spray bottle add 10 drops of lavender and 4 drops of cedar wood.
Gently shake so that the two oils begin to merge together.
Cover with the spray top and let sit for 5-10 minutes.
Add water, NOTE** be sure to leave room at the top to make sure your spray top can go back in without spilling your essential oils out.
Tighten the spray cap onto the bottle and gently shake.
Let sit for 24 hours.
After 24 hours place the coffee filter over the top of your glass measuring cup.
Pour water and essential oil blend over the coffee filter and into the glass measuring cup.
This creates a filter so that the essential oils are not to strong if they hit the skin directly as well as to protect floors and furniture.
Pour the filtered blend into the spray bottle add spray cap and enjoy.

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