Spring Clean YOUR MIND!

Spring cleaning is upon us, our homes, our offices. How about spring cleaning your mind as well! Whether we recognize it or not we receive messages from the Universe, Angels, God, Source, Higher Wisdom (insert the source you feel most connected to) each and everyday. However, when our mind is cluttered with thoughts we have a harder time recognizing this divine wisdom. If we continue to dismiss these signs, signals, messages, then eventually barriers end up on our path and life can become a struggle This is an indication that we are not living in “the flow” or in the present. Sometimes all we need is a good spring cleaning of the mind!

Here are some useful tips to spring clean your mind:

  1. Dump old outdated belief’s, most of us have beliefs that we have been holding onto for years (maybe even since childhood). Have you recently or in the past questioned any of those beliefs? Are you aware of any thought processes that are holding you back from living a happier healthier life? Perhaps a belief that you are ready to dump is not feeling worthy, maybe it’s a negative belief about money, or feeling alone/lonely. We all have negative belief systems. TODAY”S the day we DUMP them. Change those thoughts. Write a new affirmation, the negative one you have been using all these years is no longer serving you, so let’s make this one feel positive. Tell yourself a NEW uplifting story. Instead of telling yourself you can’t do something remind yourself of how spectacular you are and how you can do anything!
  2. One of the biggest things that can congest the mind is FEAR! So I CHALLENGE YOU to get out and do something that you are a little afraid of or very much afraid of. Challenge that fear, look it square in the eye and let it know that you won’t allow it to control you anymore. Go hike that mountain, run that race, dance, sing, public speak, ask someone out on a date. Conquer your fear and then go do it again. You will feel your own strength and wisdom come through.
  3. Clear out the physical clutter: You know that desk drawer you can barely open because it’s overflowing with EVERYTHING? Take 30 minutes and organize it. Throw out the old papers, receipts, pens that no longer work. Get rid of whatever doesn’t belong and then move on to the next space in your home that could use the same tender loving care. When we can clear out the physical clutter it helps clear out the mental clutter too. You will be amazed how much more light and free you feel.
  4. Take stock of what’s most important emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Journal or make a list of the things that are weighing you down or are having a negative impact on your life. What can you do to change those things? Sit quietly and listen, you might be surprised at the answers you receive, be sure to write those ideas down as well.
    Take time daily for yourself. Take a walk, take a nap, meditate, work out, read a book. Do something daily just for yourself allow it to be your own special gift for being so AWESOME!

Setting Intentions For The New Year!

As the New Year approaches I believe it is important to set intentions. Ideas to work with and work on through the year. My intentions are always delivered to me in some magical way. It’s not something I “seek” It’s not a goal or a resolution that I set for myself. But instead, it is a meaningful idea that delivers itself to me. I never know how it will show up. Sometimes it’s through conversation with a friend, sometimes it’s in the quiet moments of solitude, sometimes it’s in a song, or an idea. But the moment it shows up I feel a spark deep in my belly. It just feels true in every sense. Sometimes it seems scary, sometimes exciting, but always true. It’s a knowing that burns deep inside of me.

At the start of 2014 I was given the intention of “Kindness”. Not saying that I wasn’t kind before. But this was different. This intention was kindness that could spread beyond my very safe and secure circle of friends and family. It was about extending kindness to strangers in unique and beautiful ways. At first I worked hard to be mindful of it on a daily basis. Asking myself each morning how can I extend kindness to the world today and waiting, listening for the answer. Sometimes I found myself returning grocery carts for others, sometimes leaving a tip for more then the amount of my meal, sometimes it meant holding the door open, smiling or talking to a stranger. Each moment sparked something special. It felt good to reach beyond where I was comfortable. 2 months after I began this process I noticed how nice it was to open my world up. So In March I decided to expand it even more and ask others to join in. I would be turning turning 39 this month so I put a call out on Facebook for others to participate in 31 days of conscious Kindness. Over 2,000 people were invited to take part and post there experiences of receiving and giving. It was a call to encourage others to give and receive kindness freely and authentically.

This is some of the kindness that was shared by others:Intentions, free flowing, happy, creating

  • Picked up garbage in my neighbors front yard
  • We bought coffee for the car behind us in the drive through.
  • Handed out water to the homeless.
  • Bought flowers for the neighbor
  • My husband helped edit and print a jobseeker resume. They had no car, and no money. My husband offered it to him for free.
  • Sent letters of gratitude to people who wouldn’t expect it.
  • Handed out mints and gum on the exit ramps on the freeways to anyone who would take them.
  • Bought a dozen roses and handed them out one by one to strangers.
  • Walked into a restaurant and left money to go towards the next persons bill.
  • Bought movie tickets for the couple behind us.
  • Gave my yoga student’s an extra long savasana.
  • Gave out hugs at work.
  • Bought co-workers coffee.
  • Gave flowers to the officer working the front desk at PD. Thanked them for their service.
  • Handed out water bottles to 5K and 10K runners.
  • Spent 20 minutes corralling carts at Walmart.
  • Wrote notes wishing people to have a beautiful day and placed them on their cars.

These are just a few of the many inspiring things that others shared with me through out the month of March. By the time May came, I was no longer waking up asking myself what kindness can I share. I was just sharing it. No longer thinking about it, contemplating it, just doing it, acting on the moments that inspired me. A few weeks ago I had a perfect moment to summarize this years intentions. I walked into a Target, as I was heading in a women behind me was approaching fast, I could tell she was in a hurry so I automatically reached for a cart and handed it off to her. I continued on my way to look at the scarfs another individual had just walked away and a few of the items from the shelf fell to the ground. I picked them up and placed them back on the rack. From there I walked towards one of the check out lanes and noticed the sliding door where they keep the soft drinks was wide open as I passed by I gently closed it and continued on wishing the clerk a beautiful day. She smiled and thanked me. I walked out of the store, got in my car and laughed as I realized I didn’t buy anything, but I sure did spread kindness. It felt like the Universe was speaking to me telling me “you got it girl”. My intentions for this year have been met and now just I let it flow. Through this act, through this intention I was able to witness transformation. By reaching out beyond my circle I found new ways of connecting to others and to the universe. It was sweet and it was precious and I enjoyed every moment shared.

I encourage you to find moments over the next month to plant your intentions and watch where they take you in 2015.

A few things you can do to create foundation for your intentions this year:

Light a candle. Reflect upon what you wish to give and receive from the coming year. Maybe you even write those things on the candle. Every time you light it you will be reminded to shine light on your intentions.

Lift your intentions. Place your thoughts, your love, your intentions into a handful of birdseed. Spread the birdseed in your garden. As the birds come and eat the seed imagine your prayers being lifted to the skies above.

Write your intention in a journal. Ask yourself these questions:
How can I stay motivated with this intention?
What will my daily practice or my daily question be? Keep yourself accountable.
Who can support me in this intention?
What am I most excited about from this intention?Vision Board, visionaries

Make a Vision Board. I lead Vision Board workshops! You could join me for one of the three dates. January 11th, 18th, or 25th all are from 1-3pm These workshops are truly inspiring and have the ability to gain more energy when created in a group setting. If your not yet sure of what your intentions are, no worries we help guide you through a meditation that will often time reveal the answer to you. I also work with private parties and organizations with vision boards. Feel free to call or email me if you are ever interested in a private party. lisa@yogareikiaz.com

Claim Abundance

 Claim Abundance!

Abundance is a thread that weaves it’s way through all of our lives. There is no one who is not abundant in some form of life. Perhaps it is in the form of love, community, family, friends, health, or money. We can each acknowledge the areas where our abundance is healthy and prosperous, just as we can see the areas where we might like to have a little more.

I have been acknowledged by others in my community as a “Mainfestor”. Although I believe this to be true about myself, as I have witnessed quick action in the realm of creating the life I vision. I also see areas of my life where I am “wanting” more. Areas where I have struggled to complete my “picture”. This is not to say that my hard work in creating this area of abundance is not working, it just shows that indeed it is working. You see as I create my vision for abundance, new visions come to light. Some of these visions take longer because there are more steps I need to take to get there. Those steps might involve clearing or removing barriers that have been in my path. It might involve the simple action of having hope and believing in my vision. Or it might require the action of trying/ doing something new and different. And in some areas it requires patience, the acknowledgement that I am taking the right action and steps are being made, things are progressing, but there is still more of the journey to be had. When I am in the midst of manifesting I often have to remind myself to enjoy the journey because from the journey I can learn the lessons needed to fulfill that dream to abundance. And when that moment does show up and I am STANDING/ LIVING in my vision I can smile and appreciate what it took to get here.

Are you working on manifesting some form of abundance in your life?
Try asking yourself these questions:
What’s standing in my way? Once you have the answer how can you begin to change that?
What steps need to be made to create this vision? Do I need to enroll in a class to learn more? Do I need to go out with like minded individuals? Do I need to save more money? Get a new job?
Do I believe that I can accomplish this? If the answer is YES! Then you are on your way! If your answer is no, then this is what you need to begin to work with. Find hope for your vision. Go to a weekend seminar on the subject, or You Tube the topic. Bring in inspiration! ASK the Universe, God, Angels, Higher self (whatever higher power you believe in) for help in achieving this. Once you have asked remember to listen. The answers don’t always come immediately, but watch for the signs. You will feel it in the core of your being if you are willing to ask and then listen.
If you are ready to learn more on creating abundance in any area of your life then please take this opportunity to sign up for my 21 DAY CREATION OF ABUNDANCE EXPERIENCE! All information is sent directly to your inbox so you can keep it for as long as you need.

The 21 day journey begins with the alignment of the Fall Equinox, a time when our energies are in complete balance for harvesting abundance!
Read more about it here or sign up!

Celebration of Kindness



My word this year is kindness. Not just the everyday kindness to friends and family but kindness to the world. I find it in the moments where a “thought” comes to my mind and instead of letting it go, or talking myself out of it I simply ACT on it. I never know in what moment it will show up, but when it does I have committed myself to making it happen. Sometimes I find it in talking to a stranger, sometimes it is holding a door open, or offering a place ahead of me in line. Other times I have found myself buying a cup of coffee for the person behind me or hugging a random stranger who was having a difficult moment. It has been interesting for me to see these moments show up and simply give myself the “permission” to act on the moment. Letting go of “ego” that wants to keep me from looking like the “fool”. shedding away of the “shy introvert” that has kept me safely hugging my space on the wall for all of these years. This word “kindness” this commitment I have made is transforming my life. I am witnessing myself grow with compassion, I am seeing myself take steps into the “outer world” not just the inner world of friends and family… the places where I feel “safe” to express kindness, but beyond. I am witnessing myself become non attached to what others may think and expressing myself with authentic love and kindness to the moments that shows up. It felt very vulnerable at first, even a bit scary. Now it just feels beautiful and RIGHT.

As the first two months of the year were flowing I could see what a difference this was making for my life. I was coming out of my own shell and experiencing life beyond my circle.  I wanted a way to share it with others. I wanted to get people involved if I could. So I invited a few friends on facbook to take action in a month long Conscious Kindness celebration through out the month of March (which also happens to be my Birthday month). It was the wish I made, to create and inspire more kindness in the world, the BEST gift in the world if you ask me. This invite to friends soon spread and suddenly I found over 2,000 people had been invited to participate. Truly a WORLDWIDE event for all to choose kindness. I am still overwhelmed by how many people I don’t even know that are participating. Perfect strangers spreading perfect acts of kindness all over the world. It is beautiful, it is inspiring, and it is the beauty of the human spirit. I believe kindness is the one action we should all live by. I believe kindness changes lives. I believe kindness changes the world. I am grateful that this little thought of inspiration to invite my friends to come along with me in this journey has created a life of it’s own. The world is beautiful and it shines much more brightly when we gather together in kindness.

Today is the 18th day of the 31 days of kindness that so many people have agreed to participate in.   If  you haven’t yet signed up you can stilldo so on facebook by clicking here All it costs is… You guessed it kindness! In addition I have put out an even BIGGER call to action! Since I am turning 39 THIS SUNDAY, March 23rd (Yes, the last and final celebration of my 30’s, a little bitter sweet for me). I am asking others to join me in celebration by creating 39 acts of kindness of their own THIS Sunday! Do this from anywhere for anyone or anything and change 39 lives in that day! Smile, hold open a door, let someone in line ahead of you, give out hugs, pick up trash, walk your dog (or someone else’s) write a nice note and place them on car windows, by a dozen roses and hand out a single stem to strangers or at friends doors (Thats 12 acts there), cook a meal for someone, hand out sandwiches to the homeless, call an old friend, write thank you letters. YOU and ME 39 acts of kindness from where ever you are this Sunday (March 23rd). Will you do it with me???? Together think of how many lives we will change. Kindness changes everything, I believe this with all of my heart! Remember I am documenting the kindness in an article/ story yet to be written. So please feel free to document your celebration of kindness through pictures, video, or a written story. Let’s BRING IT together and change lives!

In the words of Ellen DeGeneres (LOVE her) “Be Kind To One Another”.

Blessings, Love, Light, and KINDNESS to ALL!

How I Found Surrender…

How I Found Surrender.

Four years ago I sat at the foot of my bed, chest hunched over my knees, crying countless tears, frustrated, angry, and completely lost. I was no longer happy in my job. My frustrations were growing bigger and bigger and my hope for any change in the situation was at an end. I no longer knew what to do, my heart felt broken and in that moment, I felt my spirit was broken. I was sobbing, praying and surrendering. I remember gasping through my tears, asking for help. “Please show me how to be happy again. If I am meant to stay at this job then please show me how to be happy there, but if I am meant to move on then please show me where to go”. “ I want to be of service with a happy heart… oh please help me… Please help me, oh god please help me…” Then, suddenly my entire body relaxed and I felt calmness wash over me.

I still remember the heart wrenching pain of it all. The accumulation of time that brought me to be so overcome with tears and willingness to finally surrender and ask for help.

My surrendering and asking for change was my first step to career transformation. Soon after I began to see great opportunitiesopen up with interests that I suddenly wanted to pursue.

Weeks after my breakthrough, an opportunity to attend a Yoga Teacher Training with Carrie Hensley was presented to me. The days and times of the 200-hour pursuit would work perfectly with my work schedule. It was a big financial investment for me at the time. Shortly after I had made the decision to put my deposit down, the rest of the money quickly appeared. Everything was flowing and it was a clear indication to me that this was the right thing to do.

After finishing teacher training I began to pursue more of my interest in Aromatherapy. I had begun dabbling in it during my YTT days when I found my body was sore and tired from doing so much of the physical practice. The oils helped to soothe my muscles and at times my spirit. I had a strong desire to learn more. I was sold after my first intro class taught by April Jaeger and went on to pursue my certification at the South West Institute of Healing Arts. Yet another example of my spirit guiding me towards my interests.

six months later yet another interest was revealed to me after I had the opportunity to experience hypnotherapy. After just the first session I became witness to just how well it worked. My world was being rocked and I was completely fascinated by how much of a difference it made in my attitude, my life, and myself. After I had done my own healing I knew that I wanted to bring these tools and techniques to others. So yet again I found myself in the classroom pursuing a certification that would help me serve countless others along their path.

One year after I received my certification in Hypnotherapy and 2 years after getting my certifications in Yoga Teacher Training and Aromatherapy I had made the decision to leave my job. I had retained enough clients through my Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Hypnotherapy practice that I could take that leap and begin to trust.

People ask me all the time how did you do it? How did you get the courage to take that leap? My first step was completely surrendering the mind, heart, and spirit and asking for the guidance and the help.
Look for my next post on my second step as I began listening for the answers.

The Little Olympian

Practicing my strong swimmer kicks.

The Little Olympian

When I was a young child I remember wanting to be an Olympic swimmer. The thought of dedicating myself to something I loved was more than enough motivation for me, and I had no reason to believe that I couldn’t do it. Those kinds of thoughts had not yet made it into my consciousness. The innocence of my youth during that time had me believing anything was possible. I remember spending my days in our neighborhood pool under the hot Arizona heat, begging anyone who was around to race me from one end to the other of what seemed like an Olympic sized pool to me at the time. A perfect training ground for any Olympic hopeful of course. Feeling the adrenaline rush as I raced each individual from varying ages and strength. I would tell whoever would listen that I wanted to be an Olympic swimmer. Many would just nod their heads and smile. Some would encourage me, asking to show them how fast I was. I would graciously accommodate as they would begin their one, one hundred… two one hundred… three one hundred counts. I could continue this game all day long , as I tried beating my previous time with each lap. I am sure my parents appreciated it as I often remember passing out at night on the living room floor and then somehow magically appearing in my bed the next morning. Ready to do it all over again. My parents lovingly called me their “little fish”, as it was difficult to get me out of the water from sun up to sun down that was the only place I wanted to be. I remember a conversation with my dad after racing him across the pool, as I joyfully reached the other end I came up smiling and proclaimed to him “I am going to be an Olympic swimmer some day”. I still remember how his eyes looked into mine and said “Lisa, to do that you would need to get you a coach, you would have to work really hard all the time, and your mother and I wouldn’t get to see you anymore because you would be with your coach and having to practice so much. Is that really what you want?” I remember thinking “Is this happening?” Do I have a choice in this? Why can’t I train right here in my neighborhood “Olympic sized pool” with all the other kids and parents? Is he really asking me what I want? Do I have to choose my parents over swimming in the Olympics? I was confused, I was just a kid with a dream and a belief that I could do anything I set my heart out to do and all I knew was my heart wanted to swim. I didn’t know that I had to work hard and never see my parents again in order to attain my dream. I could feel the fear of not being with my parents creep into my body. That was the end of my calling to become an Olympic swimmer and the belief that I ever could. I just wanted to swim; I didn’t want anyone taking me away from my parents. That was too much for a young child to understand or comprehend. This was also the moment that I decided working hard was something scary. I began associating the phrase “hard work” and “working hard” to mean that I would have to lose something important to pursue it, something like my parents. I took the phrase as a negative connotation instead of something that creates more opportunity. Now this isn’t my father’s fault, he was just simply asking me a question. More than likely, he was digging to see how serious I was. In those days they didn’t have summer swim teams the way they do now. I am not even sure we had a public pool nearby that had any options for anything other than swim classes for kids my age. He was just checking in, and that’s when I allowed my dream to check out.

Looking back I can see how often the phrase stopped me from pursuing things that I wanted for myself, usually they were things that would take physical effort and some proving of myself that I am strong. As I would realize that something would be physically hard, I found myself giving up. I was associating the dream of being the Olympic swimmer as being physically hard work and that hard work would take me away from something I loved. As the years went by it just began to become a fear of working hard all together. Patterns that I would develop clear into my adulthood. That is not to say that I don’t push myself or take care of myself, but I have allowed many moments where I have given up on myself and limited what I can and can’t do based off of fear of losing something in return.

I feel it is interesting insight as I have strong traits of being a hard worker. Most of those came in the form of my education and a career path. But even with that I stayed safe, I went to work, worked hard everyday for everyone around me. But it didn’t fulfill me, it wasn’t my calling and yet I remained there for 14 years. Because it paid my bills and I felt secure in the knowing that nothing needed to be sacrificed that I wouldn’t “lose anything.” But that wasn’t entirely true. As I succeeded more in my career I began to lose myself, my joy, my happiness, my time. I even began to lose faith in who I was. As I realized change needed to happen I began to lay a new foundation for my life. I was guided to start my own business with something that would be more aligned with my gifts and talents. But wait… Stop everything!!!! I began to hear the familiar old voices… “This will be hard work”… “This is too scary”…”You could lose everything”… “Are you CRAZY”? They were the same voices I heard when I decided as a teenager that the 2 week Outward Bound backpacking trip in Colorado would be “too difficult”. It was the same voice that said joining the Peace Corps after graduating college would be too “risky” and meant I would have to leave everyone I loved. The voice that I heard time and again that would stop me in my tracks, as I allowed myself to believe it. Lucky for me, I began to create a relationship with myself that helped me recognize that that those old tapes were not part of my truth. I knew that I was stronger than that. I began to ask for guidance, wisdom, and proof from the universe. And as I asked, the universe provided. I was gaining more clients, I was adding more workshops, I was guided to start web classes and branch out with more retreats. The universe was providing and proving to me that I can do it on my own. My courage and faith was building, until finally, late last year I was able step away from my old beliefs and into what is true. Working for myself has transformed me. I have to believe in myself in order to succeed, I have to know that I can do it and I will be taken care of. I had to become the little Olympian once again with her unwavering belief that swimming across that 25ft pool would make her into anything she wanted to be. I see now how limited my thinking once was. That day in the pool I lost the magic of believing in myself and made a decision that hard work meant sacrifice… when really what it means is opportunity.

One of the few moments you would catch me outside of the pool.

This new understanding has lead me into a new paradigm in my life. Earlier this year I decided to take on a new outlook, a new mantra of “I am limitless”. No longer allowing the limits of myself or others to enter into my own consciousness. Not allowing something that might be “hard” to stop me. When I see the old way creeping in every once in a while, I flip the thought to, “yes I can!” I don’t want my thoughts to limit my actions. After all, what do I have to lose in trying? The truth is nothing. But what I have to gain is everything. The little Olympian in me is alive once more. No longer afraid, she has been waiting for her day and is celebrating this new freedom of believing once again that anything is possible. I see her in my vision doing her happy dance, her victory lap. The little Olympian, she is ready to scream it from the roof tops and share it with anyone who is ready to receive the golden nuggets of living life limitlessly!

Thank you for stopping by, this is a first in a new series of  “I believe in the limitless me.” Check back for updates and stories that might surprise and inspire you to live limitlessly.

Your time to share:
What stops you from doing the things that you want in life? Where are you limiting yourself? Won’t you share with me?