Celebration of Kindness



My word this year is kindness. Not just the everyday kindness to friends and family but kindness to the world. I find it in the moments where a “thought” comes to my mind and instead of letting it go, or talking myself out of it I simply ACT on it. I never know in what moment it will show up, but when it does I have committed myself to making it happen. Sometimes I find it in talking to a stranger, sometimes it is holding a door open, or offering a place ahead of me in line. Other times I have found myself buying a cup of coffee for the person behind me or hugging a random stranger who was having a difficult moment. It has been interesting for me to see these moments show up and simply give myself the “permission” to act on the moment. Letting go of “ego” that wants to keep me from looking like the “fool”. shedding away of the “shy introvert” that has kept me safely hugging my space on the wall for all of these years. This word “kindness” this commitment I have made is transforming my life. I am witnessing myself grow with compassion, I am seeing myself take steps into the “outer world” not just the inner world of friends and family… the places where I feel “safe” to express kindness, but beyond. I am witnessing myself become non attached to what others may think and expressing myself with authentic love and kindness to the moments that shows up. It felt very vulnerable at first, even a bit scary. Now it just feels beautiful and RIGHT.

As the first two months of the year were flowing I could see what a difference this was making for my life. I was coming out of my own shell and experiencing life beyond my circle.  I wanted a way to share it with others. I wanted to get people involved if I could. So I invited a few friends on facbook to take action in a month long Conscious Kindness celebration through out the month of March (which also happens to be my Birthday month). It was the wish I made, to create and inspire more kindness in the world, the BEST gift in the world if you ask me. This invite to friends soon spread and suddenly I found over 2,000 people had been invited to participate. Truly a WORLDWIDE event for all to choose kindness. I am still overwhelmed by how many people I don’t even know that are participating. Perfect strangers spreading perfect acts of kindness all over the world. It is beautiful, it is inspiring, and it is the beauty of the human spirit. I believe kindness is the one action we should all live by. I believe kindness changes lives. I believe kindness changes the world. I am grateful that this little thought of inspiration to invite my friends to come along with me in this journey has created a life of it’s own. The world is beautiful and it shines much more brightly when we gather together in kindness.

Today is the 18th day of the 31 days of kindness that so many people have agreed to participate in.   If  you haven’t yet signed up you can stilldo so on facebook by clicking here All it costs is… You guessed it kindness! In addition I have put out an even BIGGER call to action! Since I am turning 39 THIS SUNDAY, March 23rd (Yes, the last and final celebration of my 30’s, a little bitter sweet for me). I am asking others to join me in celebration by creating 39 acts of kindness of their own THIS Sunday! Do this from anywhere for anyone or anything and change 39 lives in that day! Smile, hold open a door, let someone in line ahead of you, give out hugs, pick up trash, walk your dog (or someone else’s) write a nice note and place them on car windows, by a dozen roses and hand out a single stem to strangers or at friends doors (Thats 12 acts there), cook a meal for someone, hand out sandwiches to the homeless, call an old friend, write thank you letters. YOU and ME 39 acts of kindness from where ever you are this Sunday (March 23rd). Will you do it with me???? Together think of how many lives we will change. Kindness changes everything, I believe this with all of my heart! Remember I am documenting the kindness in an article/ story yet to be written. So please feel free to document your celebration of kindness through pictures, video, or a written story. Let’s BRING IT together and change lives!

In the words of Ellen DeGeneres (LOVE her) “Be Kind To One Another”.

Blessings, Love, Light, and KINDNESS to ALL!

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