Claim Abundance

 Claim Abundance!

Abundance is a thread that weaves it’s way through all of our lives. There is no one who is not abundant in some form of life. Perhaps it is in the form of love, community, family, friends, health, or money. We can each acknowledge the areas where our abundance is healthy and prosperous, just as we can see the areas where we might like to have a little more.

I have been acknowledged by others in my community as a “Mainfestor”. Although I believe this to be true about myself, as I have witnessed quick action in the realm of creating the life I vision. I also see areas of my life where I am “wanting” more. Areas where I have struggled to complete my “picture”. This is not to say that my hard work in creating this area of abundance is not working, it just shows that indeed it is working. You see as I create my vision for abundance, new visions come to light. Some of these visions take longer because there are more steps I need to take to get there. Those steps might involve clearing or removing barriers that have been in my path. It might involve the simple action of having hope and believing in my vision. Or it might require the action of trying/ doing something new and different. And in some areas it requires patience, the acknowledgement that I am taking the right action and steps are being made, things are progressing, but there is still more of the journey to be had. When I am in the midst of manifesting I often have to remind myself to enjoy the journey because from the journey I can learn the lessons needed to fulfill that dream to abundance. And when that moment does show up and I am STANDING/ LIVING in my vision I can smile and appreciate what it took to get here.

Are you working on manifesting some form of abundance in your life?
Try asking yourself these questions:
What’s standing in my way? Once you have the answer how can you begin to change that?
What steps need to be made to create this vision? Do I need to enroll in a class to learn more? Do I need to go out with like minded individuals? Do I need to save more money? Get a new job?
Do I believe that I can accomplish this? If the answer is YES! Then you are on your way! If your answer is no, then this is what you need to begin to work with. Find hope for your vision. Go to a weekend seminar on the subject, or You Tube the topic. Bring in inspiration! ASK the Universe, God, Angels, Higher self (whatever higher power you believe in) for help in achieving this. Once you have asked remember to listen. The answers don’t always come immediately, but watch for the signs. You will feel it in the core of your being if you are willing to ask and then listen.
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