Essential Oil Geek

Here I am geeking out again on Essential oils! I recently purchased a new oil that I had never smelled before. Excited by the intense earthiness that the website described it as on Mountain Rose Herbs, I knew I needed to get this EO. In fact the evening I had seen it listed on their website I decided to think it over for a bit because it was a fairly expensive oil and I have a tendency to take pause with most large purchases. But the next morning when I woke up, it was the first thing I had thought of. Later I met a friend for breakfast and I expressed to her how much this oil is finding it’s way inside me… I literally could not stop thinking about it. Then even later in the day I saw yet another friend and the subject came up again. That was it my confirmation… the big billboard sign saying “THIS IS YOUR OIL” It just wouldn’t go away. I have been eagerly waiting it’s arrival since the moment I saw the Oakwood on line. That moment has come… and here is my reaction… can you say love at first sight? Or would it be smell?

EO Geek from Lisa Hecke on Vimeo.

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