Online Guided Meditations


Join the online  Mindfulness & Meditation Circle today  and get instant access to a library of guided meditations that will help you relieve stress, find focus and create a healthy wellbeing   When you sign up you will have access to over 30 current guided meditations as well as  any new audio meditations being added .  In addition you will receive an email an announcement to any and all new guided meditations that you will have full access to for the entire year.  Join now for only $25.00.

Here are some of the guided meditation themes you will have access to when you sign up:

  • Individual Chakra meditations (from root to crown 7 individual meditations)
  • Abundance and Law Of Attraction Meditations
  • Meditations to help release the blocks or barriers in the mind and body.
  • Meditations to help you feel grounded, rooted and supported.
  • Mindfulness meditation to help still the “monkey mind”and find more calm and peace.
  • Gratitude meditations that focus on expanding a heart of gratitude.
  • Guided relaxations.
  • Hypnotherapy scripts
  • Yoga Nidras
  • Breath work
  • And more

click here for some free guided meditations I offer in the Mindfulness & Meditation Circle. If you enjoy this then you are sure to love the library of other options available to you when  you join.


Sign up now to get your membership to the Mindfulness & Meditation Circle good for one full year. Your membership will begin once registration has been confirmed (this can take up to 3 business days). This is a HUGE savings!  I usually charge between $10-$15 per meditation you get complete access to a complete library PLUS NEW meditations being added each month that is a $460 value   YOURS for ONLY $25

  • Gain focus
  • Reduces Stress, fear and anxiety.
  • Reduces symptoms of depression.
  • Improves mood and emotional well being.
  • Helps with memory retention and recall
  • Improves cognitive skills.
  • Keeps you centered and calm.
  • increased feeling of optimism.
  • Improves energy level
  • Improves immune system.
  • Improves breathing
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Helps to create inner peace, and happiness.
  • Once you sign up you will receive an email. This email will provide you with the link and a password to access all of the meditations. All you need is a phone, a tablet, or a computer that can access internet. That’s it!

    What’s the catch? NOTHING! I enjoy sharing my guided meditations with others and I truly believe these meditations help to heal in so many aspects of our life. So whether you are just starting a meditation practice or looking to grow your current practice you will have access to a full library of meditations to use as you see fit through out your year.

    It’s a WIN WIN! When you sign up for the annual membership you receive a variety of meditations on a variety of topics. This way you can choose what you need when you need it.  On the flip side you are also helping me in a variety of ways. You are helping me write and compose even more meditations, this in turn helps me blossom and bloom my creative side.

    Are you ready to say yes? Once you are signed up you will receive an email from me (within 3 business days) confirming your registration. Please be sure the email connected to your PayPal account is current as this is the email that will be used to receive access to the guided meditations.

    Sign up here: