Spiritual scent of Rose in aromatherapy

The sacred and spiritual scent of Rose is being called into our hearts and homes this month! Every month, I sit, I observe, I wait for my guides to lead me towards the aroma that will best invoke our senses and support our emotional well being for the month. The angelic realm is clearly stating that the sacred and spiritual scent this month is Rose!

Since ancient times, roses have symbolized God at work. The Rose has spiritual meaning in many religions. Muslims believe roses symbolize the human soul. Hindus and Buddhist see roses as symbols of spiritual joy. Christians are reminded of the virgin Mary when they see or smell a rose.

In addition May signifies the love and dedication of mom’s everywhere. Roses have traditionally been known as “The Flower of Mother’s” It is no surprise that the angels chose this scent as your guide for this month as they are perfectly tuned with a mothers heart. So thank you to all the mom’s out there this rose is for you!

Rose vibrates an energy of universal love in unconditional form. The scent of rose can envelop an entire   space with lightheartedness, compassion and love. And it does so by asking for nothing in return, it simply allows itself to be revealed petal by petal opening it’s heart for all to see, smell and experience. Rose above all else is the fragrance of love, the love that is so deep it touches our very soul.

Rose Otto Essential Oil works well with the following chakras:
2nd chakra-Sacral: Connects sexuality with the heart. Promotes creativity and love.
4th chakra-Heart: Promotes love and harmonizes the heart. Works especially well when the heart has been wounded by grief.
7th chakra-Crown: Promotes a sense of spiritual connection. An aroma loved by angels.

Emotional and Energetic Benefits of Rose: Encourages contentment, compassion, devotion, acceptance, inner freedom, love, sensuality and purity.

Healing properties of Rose Otto Essential oil include: Calming, anti-depresent.

You can use Rose in variety of ways this month. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet this month and place them in an area you will see everyday. Take time to watch as they open their heart to you.

2. Plant yourself a rose bush and enjoy it all year long. Plant in an area that get’s 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. Water frequently and remember to stop and smell the roses often.

3. Make yourself a rose oil spray! In a 1oz amber spray bottle place 10 drops of rose essential oil add water and use as a room spray or linen spray. You can always add some other oils to make a complete blend as well. Rose essential oil mixes well with bergamot, geranium, jasmine, lemon, or sandalwood.

4. I recently purchased some rose incense and it is wonderful. I don’t even have to burn it to feel it’s effects, I can simply just take it out of the package and my entire room soon becomes a rose garden.

*Essential Oil Precaution* Do not use while pregnant. Do not use with children under 8 years. Do not ingest essential oils and always dilute with a carrier oil when placing on the skin. Keep away from children and pets.

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