21 Day Creation Of Abundance Experience.

Join Lisa for a variety of online classes, workshops, challenges, journeys, and meditation offered throughout the year. Lisa has worked with individuals who are on a quest to improve and empower their life for more then 8 years.  Her online classes have proven to be transformational as many people have claimed to have their “light bulb” moment during their participation. Take one of her online challenges and you will feel the difference in you.


Are you ready to experience true abundance?  In this 21 day meditation and mindfulness Journey Lisa will share tools and techniques to creating a more fulfilling and abundant life.  Abundance comes in many forms and we all deserve love, prosperity, joy, happiness, health, wealth in abundant and beautiful forms. Yet many are blocking abundance into their life. With old restrictive patterns, belief systems, and even feelings of not being worthy to receive.  These are all traps that have been created in our subconscious somewhere along the way.  In this 21 day of creating and manifesting abundance you will learn some of the areas that you have been trapped into limited thinking, we will break through those barriers and with open eyes and a receiving heart you will begin to see, feel, and know the abundance in your life and allow it to flow more  freely.  You deserve this, now claim it as so.

Here is what you will get:

  • Daily emails with affirmation a centering thought, and a small daily exercise to manifest your abundance.
  • Release and resolve blocks, barriers, obstacles and fear keeping you from living an abundant life
  • Learn tools to raise the vibration from limited thoughts to abundant living.
  • Tap into the knowing that you are worth all kinds of beautiful and abundant cash flow, love, joy, happiness, career happiness, health, wealth, prosperity.
  • Weekly guided meditation to work through the subconscious block that are keeping you from abundant flow. These meditation will be available to download and keep. (Each meditation values at $10 each, you get them included for signing up)
  • Weekly Yoga video straight to your email specific to the weekly theme. Our physical body also holds onto old restrictive blocks.  With movement we can begin to open up physically to receive abundance too. These weekly yoga videos will be guided by Joy Fichiera Certified Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, and creator of Everyday Chakras
  • Weekly themes and guidance/tools to creating your abundance. As well as weekly mantras that you can use anywhere at any time.
The 21 day journey begins with the alignment of the Fall Equinox, a time when our energies are in complete balance for harvesting abundance!
BEGINS: Monday, September 22nd
You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. ONLY $25 to transform your life and create an abundant life.
Your payment via Paypal is your registration, please be sure your Paypal email is accurate.  If you need your emails sent to a different address please note that email in the information box via PayPal