Beyond Reiki Workshop


This workshop is for those who have gone through Reiki I or higher.

In this Reiki workshop we will take the power of Reiki and go beyond. Learn how to use of aromatherapy, crystals & gems, guided imagery and sound in your session. The use of theses sacred tools can enhance any client or loved ones experience.

In this workshop you will learn:

How to use crystals and which ones can be useful for the chakras as well as help to release energy blocks. We will also demonstrate the use of pendulums.

We will also take a look at essential oils and how they can assist you with cleansing the aura, clearing space, and how they can take your clients sessions deeper.

Intake of client information and why it is important to set up time for discussion as well as how you can bring that discussion into your session to make it a more powerful experience.

Have the opportunity to hone in on your Reiki experience as you work on others while adding some of the tools that you learn from this workshop.

From this class you will take home:
* Your own aromatherapy blends.
* Crystals/ gems for each of the 7 major chakras
* Manual on crystals and Essential oils.

$85 (includes supply fee)