Setting Intentions For The New Year!

As the New Year approaches I believe it is important to set intentions. Ideas to work with and work on through the year. My intentions are always delivered to me in some magical way. It’s not something I “seek” It’s not a goal or a resolution that I set for myself. But instead, it is a meaningful idea that delivers itself to me. I never know how it will show up. Sometimes it’s through conversation with a friend, sometimes it’s in the quiet moments of solitude, sometimes it’s in a song, or an idea. But the moment it shows up I feel a spark deep in my belly. It just feels true in every sense. Sometimes it seems scary, sometimes exciting, but always true. It’s a knowing that burns deep inside of me.

At the start of 2014 I was given the intention of “Kindness”. Not saying that I wasn’t kind before. But this was different. This intention was kindness that could spread beyond my very safe and secure circle of friends and family. It was about extending kindness to strangers in unique and beautiful ways. At first I worked hard to be mindful of it on a daily basis. Asking myself each morning how can I extend kindness to the world today and waiting, listening for the answer. Sometimes I found myself returning grocery carts for others, sometimes leaving a tip for more then the amount of my meal, sometimes it meant holding the door open, smiling or talking to a stranger. Each moment sparked something special. It felt good to reach beyond where I was comfortable. 2 months after I began this process I noticed how nice it was to open my world up. So In March I decided to expand it even more and ask others to join in. I would be turning turning 39 this month so I put a call out on Facebook for others to participate in 31 days of conscious Kindness. Over 2,000 people were invited to take part and post there experiences of receiving and giving. It was a call to encourage others to give and receive kindness freely and authentically.

This is some of the kindness that was shared by others:Intentions, free flowing, happy, creating

  • Picked up garbage in my neighbors front yard
  • We bought coffee for the car behind us in the drive through.
  • Handed out water to the homeless.
  • Bought flowers for the neighbor
  • My husband helped edit and print a jobseeker resume. They had no car, and no money. My husband offered it to him for free.
  • Sent letters of gratitude to people who wouldn’t expect it.
  • Handed out mints and gum on the exit ramps on the freeways to anyone who would take them.
  • Bought a dozen roses and handed them out one by one to strangers.
  • Walked into a restaurant and left money to go towards the next persons bill.
  • Bought movie tickets for the couple behind us.
  • Gave my yoga student’s an extra long savasana.
  • Gave out hugs at work.
  • Bought co-workers coffee.
  • Gave flowers to the officer working the front desk at PD. Thanked them for their service.
  • Handed out water bottles to 5K and 10K runners.
  • Spent 20 minutes corralling carts at Walmart.
  • Wrote notes wishing people to have a beautiful day and placed them on their cars.

These are just a few of the many inspiring things that others shared with me through out the month of March. By the time May came, I was no longer waking up asking myself what kindness can I share. I was just sharing it. No longer thinking about it, contemplating it, just doing it, acting on the moments that inspired me. A few weeks ago I had a perfect moment to summarize this years intentions. I walked into a Target, as I was heading in a women behind me was approaching fast, I could tell she was in a hurry so I automatically reached for a cart and handed it off to her. I continued on my way to look at the scarfs another individual had just walked away and a few of the items from the shelf fell to the ground. I picked them up and placed them back on the rack. From there I walked towards one of the check out lanes and noticed the sliding door where they keep the soft drinks was wide open as I passed by I gently closed it and continued on wishing the clerk a beautiful day. She smiled and thanked me. I walked out of the store, got in my car and laughed as I realized I didn’t buy anything, but I sure did spread kindness. It felt like the Universe was speaking to me telling me “you got it girl”. My intentions for this year have been met and now just I let it flow. Through this act, through this intention I was able to witness transformation. By reaching out beyond my circle I found new ways of connecting to others and to the universe. It was sweet and it was precious and I enjoyed every moment shared.

I encourage you to find moments over the next month to plant your intentions and watch where they take you in 2015.

A few things you can do to create foundation for your intentions this year:

Light a candle. Reflect upon what you wish to give and receive from the coming year. Maybe you even write those things on the candle. Every time you light it you will be reminded to shine light on your intentions.

Lift your intentions. Place your thoughts, your love, your intentions into a handful of birdseed. Spread the birdseed in your garden. As the birds come and eat the seed imagine your prayers being lifted to the skies above.

Write your intention in a journal. Ask yourself these questions:
How can I stay motivated with this intention?
What will my daily practice or my daily question be? Keep yourself accountable.
Who can support me in this intention?
What am I most excited about from this intention?Vision Board, visionaries

Make a Vision Board. I lead Vision Board workshops! You could join me for one of the three dates. January 11th, 18th, or 25th all are from 1-3pm These workshops are truly inspiring and have the ability to gain more energy when created in a group setting. If your not yet sure of what your intentions are, no worries we help guide you through a meditation that will often time reveal the answer to you. I also work with private parties and organizations with vision boards. Feel free to call or email me if you are ever interested in a private party.

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