Spring Clean YOUR MIND!

Spring cleaning is upon us, our homes, our offices. How about spring cleaning your mind as well! Whether we recognize it or not we receive messages from the Universe, Angels, God, Source, Higher Wisdom (insert the source you feel most connected to) each and everyday. However, when our mind is cluttered with thoughts we have a harder time recognizing this divine wisdom. If we continue to dismiss these signs, signals, messages, then eventually barriers end up on our path and life can become a struggle This is an indication that we are not living in “the flow” or in the present. Sometimes all we need is a good spring cleaning of the mind!

Here are some useful tips to spring clean your mind:

  1. Dump old outdated belief’s, most of us have beliefs that we have been holding onto for years (maybe even since childhood). Have you recently or in the past questioned any of those beliefs? Are you aware of any thought processes that are holding you back from living a happier healthier life? Perhaps a belief that you are ready to dump is not feeling worthy, maybe it’s a negative belief about money, or feeling alone/lonely. We all have negative belief systems. TODAY”S the day we DUMP them. Change those thoughts. Write a new affirmation, the negative one you have been using all these years is no longer serving you, so let’s make this one feel positive. Tell yourself a NEW uplifting story. Instead of telling yourself you can’t do something remind yourself of how spectacular you are and how you can do anything!
  2. One of the biggest things that can congest the mind is FEAR! So I CHALLENGE YOU to get out and do something that you are a little afraid of or very much afraid of. Challenge that fear, look it square in the eye and let it know that you won’t allow it to control you anymore. Go hike that mountain, run that race, dance, sing, public speak, ask someone out on a date. Conquer your fear and then go do it again. You will feel your own strength and wisdom come through.
  3. Clear out the physical clutter: You know that desk drawer you can barely open because it’s overflowing with EVERYTHING? Take 30 minutes and organize it. Throw out the old papers, receipts, pens that no longer work. Get rid of whatever doesn’t belong and then move on to the next space in your home that could use the same tender loving care. When we can clear out the physical clutter it helps clear out the mental clutter too. You will be amazed how much more light and free you feel.
  4. Take stock of what’s most important emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Journal or make a list of the things that are weighing you down or are having a negative impact on your life. What can you do to change those things? Sit quietly and listen, you might be surprised at the answers you receive, be sure to write those ideas down as well.
    Take time daily for yourself. Take a walk, take a nap, meditate, work out, read a book. Do something daily just for yourself allow it to be your own special gift for being so AWESOME!

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