Sweet Orange Essential Oil is like smelling sunshine!

Summer is HERE. Let the SUNSHINE IN!

The Essential Oil of Sweet Orange is like smelling sunshine. Summer is all about play, happiness, and FUN! The season encourages joy and lightheartedness which is  why our angels are asking us to smell the sunshine this month and there is no better scent to do that with then with the sweetness of orange!

Orange contains the joy and magnificent light of the heavens. Bursting with vitality and bright color it truly takes on the energy of sunlight. Infact if the sun had a smell or a taste I believe it would be the sweet tantalizing refreshment of a  fresh squeezed orange.

Orange has long been known to bring happiness to the depressed states of emotion. It can revitalize spiritual connection to those on earth plane and though the heavens above. Orange can help guide individuals to conquer fear of letting go of attachments.The fragrance uplifts those obsessions so they can see the full spectrum of sunshine!

Orange Essential Oil works well with the following chakras:
2nd chakra-Sacral: Promotes joy in sexuality and creativity.
3rd chakra Solar Plexus: Radiates joy from the solar plexus up through the heart. Helps restore confidence. Works well for digestion in this area as well.
4th chakra-Heart: Promotes lightheartedness and emotional upliftment. can help bring joy to individual feeling depressed or anxious.

Emotional and Energetic Benefits of Orange: Encourages joy, upliftment, lightheartedness, creativity, self-confidence.

Healing properties of Orange Essential oil include: Anti-depresent, antispasmodic, diuretic, antiseptic, calmative.

You can use the energy and healing powers of orange in a variety of ways this month. here are a few of my favorites.

Juicy orange slices1. It’s heating up outside. We all need to remember to keep our water intake up. But sometimes water can get boring. I love to place a few slices of orange into my water, I can smell it’s sweet scent and taste it’s joy with every sip I take. For additional yumminess try adding a few sprigs of lemon balm or mint leaves.

2. Make yourself a healthy snack with orange slices and chopped pineapple. The combination of these two  foods together has been known to combat depression within 48 hours after eating it. This combination has also been known to help aid in digestion and upset stomach. So keep this citrus combination around and eat it often to keep your mood up and your belly happy!

3. Mmmm nothing like infusing a room with the smell of sunshine aka orange! in a diffuser add a few drops of sweet orange essential oil and feel the joy! Don’t have a diffuser? That’s OK, you can always add a 6-8 drops to the air conditioning filter in your home. Once the air turns back on you will have a soft scent of orange through out your home.

4. Make an oil blend and use it on one of the chakras discussed above. In a 1oz amber bottle place 15-20 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Next add in your carrier oil such as jojoba, sunflower oil, or safflower oil. Let it sit for 5-10 minute before use. It will get stronger as time goes on but if you need a few extra drops feel free. Just keep in mind that orange essential oil is photosensitizing so be cautious about going into direct sunlight after use.

*Essential Oil Precaution* Do not use while pregnant. Do not use with children under 8 years. Do not ingest essential oils and always dilute with a carrier oil when placing on the skin. Keep away from children and pets.

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