Half Day Session

Do you ever feel like you need a day spa for your spirit?. If you feel a calling to jump into some half day sessions then take a look at the offerings below. Lisa can also customize the offerings to your specific needs.

To schedule your healing intensive email lisa@yogareikiaz.com

Healing Day Intensive~5 hours $300

We start out the morning with sometime out in nature, this might be a walk we take around a park, or maybe a local trail.  We will learn to listen to the body and help get grounded for your day.  Meditation techniques will also be introduced during ths time, as well as journaling.  Once we have set your foundation and understand your goals and intentions, Lisa will guide you back to her therapy space where she will lead you into a 90 minute session of your choice (Reiki, Aromatherapy for the feet, or Chakra balancing).  At this time we will begin to shed some of the energetic layers that have been holding you back.  After your session we will break for lunch so that you can have time to integrate, process, and journal.  Coming back in the afternoon we will have a short discussion and then begin to break down the mental layers that are holding you back from progressing forward in areas of your life. You will have a choice of  hypnotherapy, guided imagery, or Transformational Yoga Therapy (This will be pre determined during your  morning walk).  After the session we will take time for discussion and a short exercise  that will be intuitively guided by Lisa that usually include some gentle movement exercise to help balance the meridians and lymph system.  You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and been given the tools to help you through your daily life.   A complimentary gift bag with custom aromatherapy blends for you to take home and use will be included in your package, as well as one follow up phone call from Lisa.

1 day Healing Session (5 hours~ does not include time/ break for lunch) $300

Healing the inner child~3 1/2 hours $240

Lisa specializes in inner child work. Using a variety of techniques that allow individuals to begin to heal  moments of the past that might be holding you back today. These techniques have been extremely helpful for those who have had a hard time loving, accepting, or honoring them self as well as for those who find it hard to move forward.  Sometimes we get “stuck” in life because of beliefs that we decided upon a long time ago.  Through a variety of techniques such as hypnotherapy, guided meditation, journaling, discussion, art and play Lisa can help guide you and your inner child into a healthier happier place to be.

Sample of what the day might look like:

  1. Meet in the morning or afternoon
  2. Discussion about goals/ intentions
  3. Hypnotherapy session lead by Lisa
  4. Journaling exercise
  5. Writing exercise connecting to the inner child
  6. Art Project

Discovering what you want in life~4 hours $280

Are you at a cross roads in life? Not sure which way to go, what path to take?  Or maybe you need some clarity and focus.   Join Lisa as she guides you into a variety of techniques that will help you find your gifts and a direction for your life at this time.

Sample of what the day might look like:

  1. Discussion on goals/ intentions
  2. Guided meditation – finding your path
  3. Making your own vision board (all supplies are included)
  4. Tools and discussion on how to use your vision board and help it work for you.
  5. 80 minute hypnotherapy session to help remove any blocks, barriers, or fears around your new set goals and to allow the subconscious to support you.
  6. Discussion on goal setting and creating your strong foundation.