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Hi there, so happy you decided to check out my offerings. It means you are on the path to creating peace, compassion and well-being. Which makes me super EXCITED for YOU! Here is a little about how I work. My sessions are  intuitively guided I gently and respectfully tap into ones energy and into the needs of the individuals spirit. I consider myself an ever evolving and ever expansive light worker, constantly learning and diving into new and alternative therapies that call to my spirit. Continue to scroll down to see how my offerings would be suitable for you.

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45 Minute Aromatherapy Consult $55
60 Minute sessions $85
90 Minute Sessions $125
Hypnotherapy session 2 hours $125


Summary of Sessions Available To You

Hypnotherapy session: 2 hour session
Hypnotherapy also known as guided imagery is a wonderful tool for anyone who is looking for help with a variety of different concerns such as anxiety, work or school performance, sports performance, fears and phobias, weight loss, habits, energy blocks, insomnia, stress, relationship concerns, spiritual connection and general well being. Each session is unique to the individual. Results will vary. For more information on Hypnotherapy please click on the Hypnotherapy page

Regression Therapy: 2 hour session

Do you have panic attacks or phobias? Reoccurring head aches or unexplained  chronic pain with no medical reason? Is there a traumatic experience affecting you from this life… or maybe even a past life? Perhaps you have some unexplained fear or loss, or guilt. Regression therapy can often find root causes to many patterns in our lives. Regression Therapy works on many levels  and can help to heal, release , and find clarity in a number of different ways. Regression therapy is a form of hypnotic state where the subconscious release’s all time and space to find the source of the condition or what is for the highest good of the individual at this time.  Most people after having a regression therapy feel much lighter, more clear with a sense of understanding. PLEASE NOTE *** I do require that before having this type of therapy that you have received 1-2 Hypnotherapy sessions with me in the past.

Inner Child Work: 2 hour session
Inner child work can be some of the most profound healing work available.  Everyone has a child with in them, they show up often times in our lives through our reactions and thoughts to things.  The inner child created these thoughts or ideas at different moments of our lives and sometimes it can hold us back as an adult.  Maybe we give up on our self to easily because as a child we decided that something was to hard, or maybe we push ourselves to much because somewhere along the way expectations were placed upon us.  Using techniques such as guided visualization and a number of different hypnotherapy techniques I can help you transform theses ideas and begin a loving more cooperative relationship with your inner child.

Reiki sessions: Available in 60min or 90 min session. 
Reiki is an ancient form of energy work the light laying on of hands directs healing energy into the body of the receiver.  Treatment is non manipulating and non-intrusive. Most people who have a reiki session feel extremely relaxed with an overall sense of well being. For additional information on Reiki please click on the Reiki page.

Crystals and intuitive energy work: Available in 60 min or 90 min sessions
This session works intuitively on the body with a variety of different energy modalities. Each session is different. Crystals will be used along the bodies energy field to help the recipient go deeper. Some sessions might include Reiki, Chakra balancing, Aromatherapy, Foot chakra techniques, music and/or sound vibration.

Aromatherapy and Flower Essences Consultation: 45 min session
Discover and design the oils or Flower essences that work for your body, mind and spirit. This session involves 1 on1 interview and intake that will help us go deeper into what your specific needs are. Once we have a foundation then we will look at making some custom blends that suit your needs. This session includes a sensory aroma experience and 1 take home custom blend based off of your needs. Great for those with chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety or anyone looking for overall wellbeing.

Aromatherapy Foot Chakra Reflexology session: Available in 60 min or 90 min session.
A form of alternative therapy that utilizes pressure points to foster physical healing and, when combined with the benefits of aromatherapy, can be a powerful tool for opening the chakras, facilitating emotional release, and enhancing ones receptivity to healing. This session begins with a foot soak and intake information that will allow us to take your session deeper. If you love your feet you will love this offering. In the 90 minute session we will also work on areas of the feet that might be holding onto old  emotional patterns in addition to receiving a mini Reiki session.

Aromatherapy for the feet: Available in 60 min or 90 min  session
This session begins with a hot towel wrap to sooth and relieve the muscles around the foot. Based on information from the recipient we work into areas of the feet that might be storing information, emotions or old energy that is no longer needed through the use of reflexology techniques and essential oils. This is a sweet and wonderful treatment that works on the physical and energetic layers. In the 90 minute session Reiki will also be added.

Chakra balancing ritual: 90 min. 
Immerse yourself in a healing ritual that incorporates a variety of techniques centered on the seven major energy centers. Session includes healing chakra music and sound, Reiki working specifically on the seven major energy centers, chakra crystals, aromatherapy and a chakra energy foot reflexology session. A blissful session all for YOU!

Sacred Alchemy-Aromatherapy and Energy with the Angels: 90 min
In this sacred session the Angels will guide Lisa into the perfect take home aromatherapy blend for you. After a short intake and some playing with angel cards she will lead you into sacred space of energy healing lead by the angels. Each session is intuitive and may include working through marma points, muscle testing, Reiki, chakra work, hypnotherapy, crystals and aromatherapy. You also receive one take home aromatherapy blend chosen by your angels. A complete angelic experience.

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